Serekunda, Crocodile Pool, Lamin Lodge, Abuko

  • Serekunda Market
  • Kachikally Museum and Crocodile Pool
  • Lamin Lodge and the mangroves
  • Abuko Nature Reserve

Serekunda market reveals scenes of haggling for local products such as vegetables, fish, dairy products and spices as ingredients for local cuisines



The sacred crocodile pool in Kachikally on the southeastern outskirts of Bakau used for many generations as a cult an pilgrimage


Lamin Lodge is a beautiful place to stop and chill out, situated on the snaking Lamin Bolon, one of the River Gambia’s many saltwater tributaries. Everywhere in the area you can see mangrove grow and many so called green monkeys wandering around. Beside the monkeys and mangroves you can see how cement is made from oysters’ shells




Abuko Nature Reserve is a small enclosure measuring roughly 2 km² with a diversity of fauna and flora, ranging from over 250 bird species, and about 52 mammals, aside from reptiles, snakes and insects