The South Coast: Gunjur, Kartong

  • Gunjur: the mosque, the Village Museum
  • Kartong: the river, the Lemon Fish Gallery, the Reptile Farm


The Mosque in Gunjur



The Natural Culture and History Museum will be the only indigenous natural, life and cultural history museum in  Gambia. It is located in the natural environment comprising the natural habitats for the  remaining fauna and flora. This is the only museum where nature can be experienced and  our guests can see  our remaining tree and animal species


The Hallahin Belong River in Kartong on the border with Senegal






Karton village




The reptile farm (locally known as snake farm) is located near the Kartong beach. Inside a well preserved forest you will see various of Gambian reptiles such as puff adders, rock pythons, royal pythons, sand snakes, beauty snakes, herald snakes, spiting cobras, wolf snakes, night adders, geckos, Agama lizards, Nile monitor lizard, African mud turtle, pelomedusa subrufa turtle, bell’s hinged back turtle, crocodiles, Senegalese chameleons, geckos, as well as non-reptiles such as centipedes. Some are extremely dangerous but some others like python are not dangerous and have been tamed. Those one, if you want it, you will be able to touch them and take pictures of them in your hands